Lifelong friends, Chef Yogev Yehros
and Hospitality expert Ariel Leizgold
are leading the culinary and creative team behind Hôtel de Ville.

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Head Chef
Yogev Yehros
(Addicted to Olive Oil)

Yogev Yehros was born in Haifa, but grew up mainly in the Tel Aviv area. He’s been passionate about cooking since a teenager, and has ever since been training his skills in a wide variety of professional kitchens throughout Israel and the United States. "Yogi" has shared his culinary magic as a chef and consultant for some of the city’s hottest gastronomy spots.

Upon his recent return to Tel Aviv as owner and head chef of Hôtel de Ville, Yogi has created a menu that is both classic and playful, showcasing his love for "real food" alongside his flamboyant style and encyclopedic knowledge of the kitchen.


Head of Creative and Hospitality
Ariel Leizgold
(Going somewhere beautiful)

Ariel Leizgold is a World Class award winning bartender and the most awarded bartender in Israel's history.

Ariel is globally renowned for his unique and quirky approach to hospitality as showcased in all of his venues and in his masterclass, labeled "Storytelling through Cocktails".

In Hôtel de Ville, Leizgold has created a list of Francophile cocktails designed to inspire and enchant guests along with a refreshing list of French and Israeli wines.